Roster 2020: Zu- und Abgänge

      Wow...alot of talk while I was away....a week hospital stay....back home now and I have read through the news. First of all he is a young kicker and is just 20 years old and if and when he stays with his goals ,,he will be kicking 35 bis 50 yard fieldgoals in the long ran!!!... I am wondering myself if we will have a fanday,,,,not sure...since we have a pratice game vs. Köln...would be appreciated but hey time has its limits. It has not been mention or spoken,,,but is there a possiblility that the game in Köln would be livestream ... ?lol ?...after my count of the rooster so far,,,we have 31 players listed,,,I am thinking our limit will be 45 and if I am right we still have 15 players to add to the team rooster....let see who will be showing up in the next several weeks up to and including the gameday in Köln.
      Just a short remark referring to zuschauer...average 2000...just maybe if all of us who are really Purple Supporters and go to our home games each and every weekend whichevery.....I manage to generate each home game a friend to come to a home game and check things out....and I do not need a pad on the shoulder!...its automatic guys...just bring one friend or fan to a home game and the zuschauer zahl goes up ....up...lets say 2500 bis 3000....why not....its called supporting the club,team and most of all we the fans!!!

      walterer wrote:

      da muss ich dich korrigieren, alex. das war bei camp 1. camp2 hat er in helm u pads komplett bestritten

      Hab die Bilder mittlerweile auch gesehen. I stand corrected. :)

      Was die Kadergröße angeht, denke ich müssen wir uns wenig Sorgen machen. Ich zähle bisher insgesamt weniger Ab- als Zugänge. Insgesamt übrigens deutlich unter 20 Abgängen und somit ist die Konstanz so hoch wie noch nie - zumindest in dem Zeiraum in dem ich ein Roster führe.
      ich denke bei Walter und lonehorn hat man folgendes Problem...
      der kader ist ja nicht "begrenzt" sondern nur die anzahl der gemeldeten spieler für den gameday ist "limitiert"....

      oder sehe ich das falsch...... hmm

      also beisiel:
      wir könnten durchaus 70 spieler auf dem roster haben...
      50 davon sind zum gameday gemeldet...
      Gausi......!!!:) Limit of players is 53 on game day to be exact!!!....and if it was possible we could have 90 players as in the college stateside!!...which by us here in the GFL does not make sense!! You list on the spieler pass list 50 but you have 53 suiting up.
      The 3 players left over are the reserve players in case something or someone is needed. Now from my personnal viewpoint and opinion I would think all players could be on the gives those players who are not top dogs a feeling of belonging to the team on gameday.....
      Oh by the way I forgot to put these remark on my side here....and....for those who are able to read this english quote here goes:

      Defense get you to the champship games,,,,and..,,,, the QB wins the champship!!!!! Now that looks pretty damn good since we
      have Steve and he is not a average QB....he is one of the best there is in the GFL!!!.....

      Lonehorn wrote:

      Limit of players is 53 on game day to be exact!!!....and if it was possible we could have 90 players as in the college stateside!!

      Das stimmt so nicht ganz. Gausi hatte hier Recht. Es gibt auch keine Kaderobergrenze. Die Regeln des AFVD basieren zwar auf denen der NCAA, aber sind nicht 1:1 die selben. Siehe §99 der BSO:…O-2020-Stand-20191231.pdf

      Übrigens stehen auch bei uns im Regelfall alle nicht am Spieltag aktiven Spieler an der Seitenlinie, sollten sie nicht anderweitig verhindet sein (meistens hat das nicht gedresed sein ja einen Grund...). ;)
      Without getting into a detailed discussion over many players suit up...or paragraph §99 der BSO etc..... for me its all players on the sidelines which are players for the AFC Frankfurt Universe....these f......king rules or paragraphs make no sense to me...sorry my friends but its my way of thinking .....fair is fair!!! if 50 or 90 players come to pratice(training)and give their time to football and club ...why not suit them up.......its that shit politcs in the AFVD System...but rules are rules and should be respect...but rules are made to be broken......... lol
      Oh!..wie!!...I step on some peoples toes!!:)....and yes all would suit up!!!.....if the funds and backup is there
      and you can cover all of the bases.....why not suit up 50 or 90!!! If not then that is a different angle to work out with
      team staff and including management...its that simple!! I'm looking only at the college USA direction which does
      not mean much here where we play football,,,different stokes for different folks!!! beer